Regardless of your physical condition, fitness level, age, past or present injuries, sports interests, hobbies, or whether you are athletically inclined or not, you can learn to be more comfortable and at ease in your body. By improving the way you move through life, you enrich your experience of life.

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Peggy Protz has developed a highly personalized approach that enables people to make lasting improvements to the way they move and feel in their body. Her approach combines the Feldenkrais Method® of Somatic Education with her extensive training in professional dance and other healing modalities.


Peggy’s unique way of working with the body will not only help you improve posture and balance, increase flexibility, and overcome injury or other limitations; it will also give you a way to instantly integrate these benefits into your life.

Whatever your situation, it is possible for you to move and feel  better … and better … and better.